Customization allows you add additional features to your grid. Here you can define how you want error messages to appear and choose if you want a number to display how many records are in a section of your grid.

'No records found' message

The ' No records found ' message is useful for displaying instances when a query does not return any records. This might be the case, for example, if you were to conduct a Quick search inside a grid for a field that was in the table you selected on the Query page but that does not exist in the Grid Part, you might get this message. Clicking the button [...] to the right of the 'No records found' message loads the HTML editor. This makes it easy to modify the default message to your liking.

'Total records' message text

The 'Total records' message text property specifies the template for the 'Total records' message. {Total_Records} is a place holder for the number of records in the query. The default text is "Records: {Total Records}".

'Total records' message position

Specify the position of the text showing the number of records in the current query. Default = "Above Grid". The options are:

Display title before existing records

Enables the display of the existing records title.

Existing records title

A title that appears after the column or row titles, but above the data in the grid.

Display title before new records

Enables the display of the new records title.

New records title

A title that appears after existing data in the grid, but above the rows used to enter new records. This only works if the grid is updateable

Table tag inline style

Specify the inline style for the Grid's tag.

Table tag attributes

Specify optional attributes to insert into the Grid's tag

Row separator HTML

HTML code that customizes the grid's row or column separator.

Javascript windows

Updateable grids come with default Javascript windows. These windows usually appear as confirmation and warning dialogs after a user deletes, edits, and/or tries to alter a dirty record in their table. The Javascript windows property, under Customization properties, is where you can change the icons, message text, titles, and OK/Cancel button labels for these Javascript windows. If you also want to change the dialog styling see the Style Name property under the Layout Options section of the Properties page.

Customize icons

Many of the icons used with certain images (e.g. the Row Expander icon) in a grid can be customized.