Master Template


A master layout template allows you to quickly adjust the layout of the various pieces of the Grid component (i.e. Search Part, Grid Part and Detail View Part). If you don't use a master layout template, then you have to arrange the layout of the Grid parts in the .a5w page that contains the component.

Use a master layout template

Check this property is you want to use a master template to organize the parts of your grid...

Master Layout Template Style

If your grid component contains a Search and or Detail View Part this will give you more template style options. You can add Search and Detail 'parts' on the Component Type page of the Grid Builder . There are a number of pre-defined master layout templates that you can use to style your grid.

Search pane Label

In order for this property to appear you must choose a Tab Container or Accordian Container for you master template and you grid must contain a Search Part . The Search pane Label property will place a label on the tab or title bar for your Search part. The default text for the label is simply 'Search'.

Grid pane Label

If you are using a tab or an accordion container for your master template, the Grid pane label property will let you define the text that fits in the Grid panes title bar or tab. As with the Search pane label, you can modify the Grid pane label directly using HTML.

Detail View Label

The Detail view label property allows you to change the detail pane's label to your liking. As with the Grid pane label and the Search pane label this only applies to container templates. As with the other labels you can also write HTML directly into this properties textbox.

Accordion Style

If you opt for an Accordion container for your master control then you have the option of choosing an Accordion style . This property presents two options, single and multiple. Selecting ' Single ' will only allow only one accordion pane to be open at any given time. Selecting ' Multiple ' will allow users to leave panes open while they open additional panes. 'Multiple' is the Accordion style's default setting.

Initial open Panes

If you have an Accordion container you can choose which panes in the accordion will be open when a user first looks at your grid component.

Custom Master layout template

A Grid component comprises several parts - Search, Grid and Detail View. These parts can be laid out any way you want on the page that contains the Grid. Alternatively, you can define a Master Template that allows you to specify how the parts are laid out relative to one another.

If you want to run a Grid with an Ajax callback you should use a master layout template. Otherwise, Alpha Anywhere will use a default master layout template. Using a template allows you to layout the different parts of the Grid in the component definition, rather than on the page. Several different template styles are available, such as tabs and accordions. The Detail View includes a toolbar that allows you to navigate from record to record. The text on the tabs or labels can be specified, and the initial pane to show can be specified.