Multiple Named Layouts


Alpha Anywhere allows you to define multiple named grid layouts. A named grid layout defines a way of arranging and displaying the data in a grid. When you run a default layout it might show a grid with 10 columns. However when the Grid is displayed on a mobile device you might want a single layout column showing multiple fields. Defining separate named layouts is the way you can go about adding this functionality to your app.

Has Named Layouts

Checking the 'Has named layouts' properties opens a set of properties that allow you to define multiple named layouts for a grid. This feature is particularly useful if you are designing an application that will be used across multiple platforms.

Define Named Layouts

The Defined named layouts property gives you access to the Named Layouts Builder.

Default Named Layout

The 'Default named layout' property determines what layout will be used as the default when you run your application.

Named layout selector position

Specify where the Named Layout Selector should be shown. If you choose 'MasterTemplate' then you can use the {NamedLayoutSelector} placeholder in the template. You must also choose the 'Custom' template option for the 'Master Template'.

Named layout selector template

(Optional) You can specify an HTML template for the named layout selector. Use the {NamedLayoutSelector} placeholder in the template for the actual selector.

Allow select named layout

This adds a dropdown to your grid that allows the developer to switch between layout views in the preview mode.