Query-by-Example hyperlink text


You can customize the label for the 'Show/hide Query-by-Example' row hyperlink.

This link appears in the Record Navigation bar on your grid and turns the Query by Example row on and off. By default the hyperlink is labeled 'Show/Hide QBE Row'. To add your own label simply erase the existing text next to the Query-by-Example hyperlink text control and add the text you want. Like other label properties in Alpha Anywhere you can insert HTML around your text. There is no direct link to the HTML Editor from within the property itself, but you can always access the general HTML Editor by going the View and HTML Editor from Alpha Anywhere's main menu. After refining your text in the editor you can cut and paste it from the Source tab directly into your label.  Default Label:

Modified Label
Link to show/hide Query-by-Example
Modified show/hide QBE link