Record Navigator and Grid Toolbar


The Record Navigator lets you design how users to move through the records shown in your application. It also lets you change the appearance of the navigation part of your grid. If you want your record navigator to take the form of a tree-control there is a section in the properties for this here. Included in the Record Navigator properties is the Help Window property. This will allow you to build Help for your application, check out this page to see more information on building a Help system.

Record navigator style

The Record navigator style property refers to style in terms of function, not appearance.

Button text

Specify the text for the 'Fetch More Records' button.

Button style

Specify the in-line style for the 'Fetch More Records' button.

Record navigator position

The Record navigator position property allows you to place the page navigator in different areas on a grid. The options include Below Grid, Above Grid, and Above and Below Grid. There is also an option for having No navigator bar if you don't want to use a navigator.

Suppress record navigator bar/footer if no records

Should the record navigator bar be suppressed if there are no records in the Grid and the Grid does not allow inserts?

Record navigator layout

Clicking the Record navigator layout property button [...] opens the Record Navigator Designer . This contains a number of pre-defined formats that let you adjust the look and feel of the record navigator. In addition to using the pre-defined designs there is also a custom options that allow you to adjust the record navigator at will.

Suppress footer if only one page

Determines whether to show the navigator if there is only one page.

Export to Excel/Ascii

Specify if the Grid toolbar has a button to export data in the Grid to Excel.

Export button icon

Specify the icon for the Export button.

Export button help

Specify the bubble-help for the Export button.

Export format

Specify the data format for the export. Default is Excel. For Excel to create a .xls file, select 'Excel'. To create a .xlsx file, select 'Excel-XLSX'.

Export maximum rows

Specify the maximum number of records to export. Set to 0 to turn off limit.

Include hidden columns

Specify if columns marked as 'hidden' should be exported. ('Hidden' columns are often displayed in another column's 'Free-form Edit' region, and so you might still want to export the data in them.)

Use column headers for field names

Specify if the Grid Column Headings (rather than the field names) should be used as the column headings in the export file. (Option is only available for Grids based on SQL tables.)

Help window

Specify if an icon should be shown in the Toolbar to open a window that displays help for this component.

Help ID

Specify the ID of the help text to display in the window.

Help button icon

Help button icon property

Help button bubble help

Specify the bubble help for the help button icon.

Toolbar 'Action Buttons'

Define custom buttons ('Action Buttons') to place in the Grid toolbar.

Customize Grid toolbar template

The Grid has always allowed you to customize the layout of the record navigator, but now, you can customize the entire Grid Toolbar and you can add your own custom buttons to perform actions that you define.