Detail View Display Properties


The Detail View Display Properties let you configure how the Detail View for a Grid Component is displayed, including the method (clicking a link, selecting a row, or programmatic) and the behavior for displaying the Detail View (show, toggle).


If a Grid Component has a Detail View, you need to include a method for displaying the Detail View to the user. There are several methods for displaying the Detail View: click a hyperlink field, clicking a Grid row, or double-click a Grid row. You can also create your own custom method using JavaScript to programmatically open the Detail View -- such as when the user clicks a button.

Opening the Detail View is configured using the Detail View Display properties described below.

Method to Display Detail View 

The Method to display Detail View defines how the Detail View for a record in the Grid is opened. Options include:

Click on a hyperlink field

A hyperlink in the Grid row is clicked to open the Detail View. The hyperlink is one of the fields in the Grid row. If no hyperlink field is added, Alpha Anywhere will automatically convert the first visible field in the Grid Component to a hyperlink.

Click on a Grid row

When the Grid row is selected, the Detail View is opened.

Double-click on a Grid row

When the Grid row is double-clicked, the Detail View is opened.


JavaScript is used to open the Detail View for a Grid row. The JavaScript can be placed in a button, the onClick event for a field in the Grid row, or triggered by other events that occur in the Grid Component.

The 'programmatic' option allows you to create your own event handler. Your event handler should execute the {grid.object}.detailView(rowNumber) method. Depending on where the event is defined you may be able to use {grid.rowNumber} placeholder for the 'rowNumber' parameter. For example:


Hyperlink field 

If Method to Display Detail View is set to "Click on a hyperlink field", the Hyperlink field property is shown. This property defines what field in the Grid row should be shown as a hyperlink that, when clicked, opens the Detail View.

Toggle Detail View 

Toggle Detail View, if enabled, will open or close the Detail View for a row when the Hyperlink field is clicked.