Editing properties Properties


Editing properties Properties

Field validation setting

When a record is updated, should the Display Settings Validation Rules for a field be applied to all fields, or only the edited fields?

Field update setting

Should only dirty fields only or all fields be updated when the Detail View is submitted?

Row edit style

Specify if the fields in the Detail View are editable when the Detail View is initially displayed, or if the user must first put the Detail View fields into edit mode before editing is enabled. You can put all fields into edit mode at once, or you can put one field into edit mode at a time.

Lazy edits

If lazy edit is selected, when you put a row into edit mode, the database will not be queried to get current data. This makes it quicker to switch to edit mode. However, if 'RefreshRowOnDirty' is enabled, as soon as the user starts editing the row, the data in the row will be refreshed.

Error style

Specify how field validation errors should be displayed.

Error icon

Icon used to indicate field has an error.

Show row errors in popup-window

If a row error occurs, specify if the error should be shown in a popup-window.

Error messages popup-window title

Specify the title for the popup-window.

Error messages popup-window style

Specify the in-line style for the popup-window.

Row refresh method after edits

Defines how to refresh the Grid component after a record has been edited.

Focus after refresh following Insert

Specify which record has focus after the Grid is refreshed following an Insert.

Focus after refresh following Update

Specify which record/page has focus after the Grid is refreshed following an Update.

Focus after refresh following Delete

Specify which record/page has focus after the Grid is refreshed following a Delete.

Refresh data on row dirty

When a user begins editing in a row, should a callback be executed to get current data?

Honor DBF field rules

Specify if DBF field rules should be honored when editing records. (For compatibility with V9 and prior versions, set to false.)