The Detail View


The Detail View form provides a single record view that allows you to read, edit, delete, and insert records. The display format will show any selection of fields, even if they are not in the grid.

Defining the Detail View

The Detail View has most of the functionality and properties characteristic of a regular grid. You therefore have many options in shaping both the appearance of the Detail View and what it is capable of doing. You can define your Detail View's fields and properties on the Detail View > Fields and Detail View > Properties pages. These pages open automatically when you select the Grid contains a Detail View checkbox on the Component Type page.

Detail View Properties

The Detail View Properties page in the Design tab contains many of the same properties found on the Grid Properties page. Here you can set the title of the Detail View, add Help windows for any field you like, add action buttons that link to action Javascript, implement security options for your Detail View, shape the appearance of your Detail View, and much more.

Open the Detail View

To create a Detail View you will first need to open a grid in the Grid Builder . From the Web Projects Control Panel click on the Create a new grid component button. The Select Grid Component Template dialog will open. Click the Start with a blank Grid Component radio button and click OK . This will open the Grid Builder dialog. Alternatively, you can also get to the Grid Builder from the Web Projects Control Panel by clicking on the New component or file button. The New File dialog will open, select the Web Component option and click Next> then Grid and then Next > again. This will bring you to the Select Grid Component Template and then the Grid Builder .

Previewing a Detail View

Run a detail view in a browser.