The Search Part


The Search form allows you to find records using complete or partial values in one or more fields. The result of a search displays only the matching records in your grid. You can sort the results on any field in the grid.

Search Fields

The search fields page works just like the grid fields page.

Search Properties

Properties to help you define the search part on a grid component.

Grid Component Search Part

A guide to all of the options available in the grid component search part.

Adding Pre-defined Date Ranges

Pre-defined date ranges can be added to a date control in the Search Part of the Grid Component.

Query by Form Search Syntax

The Search Part in the Grid can be configured to allow Query by Form (QBF) syntax.

Adding a Search Form

  1. Display the Component Typepage.

  2. Check Grid contains a 'Search' part.


Selecting Search Fields

The search form may contain any set of fields from the source table or view. They may be the same or completely different from the fields displayed on the grid.

  1. Display the Search > Fields page.

  2. While holding down the CTRL key, select the "Firstname", "Lastname", Company", "Phone", and "Email" fields and click .

Choosing Search Options

  1. Display the Search > Propertiespage.

  2. Check the Hide Grid Part Options > Hide Grid when no search activecheck box. This makes your screen display smaller, because the grid will be hidden until you search for records.

  3. Clear the Search Options > Show titlecheck box.

  4. Clear the Records per Page Listbox Options > Include 'Records per Page' listboxcheck box. This option allows the user to specify how many records to return per page.