Legacy Login Component


A Login/Register form for authenticating a user before allowing access to an application.


The Legacy Login Component is a Login/Register form. It provides an interface to authenticate a user in an application with the Security Framework.

The Legacy Login Component is an older component which we no longer encourage using to add a login form to an application. For new applications, or applications that are being upgraded, we recommend using the Login UX Component or the UX Component SecurityFramework-LoginComponent template to create a login form for your applications.

Creating a Legacy Login Component

After you have defined all security parameters, you may build a login component. A login component may include up to 3 "views". All login components have a login view. This includes the fields for entering a user ID and password and may include links to other views. If the security settings allow a user to change his or her password on-line, a second view named "Change Password" is available. This allows you to configure a specific component layout for changing passwords. If the security settings allow the user to recover lost login information, a third view named "Lost Info" is available. This will show various fields that are used to verify the identity of a user and return the requested login information.

Login Component Properties

Covers component names, login properties, change password, lost info

The Legacy Login Component is not available in Alpha Anywhere Community Edition.