Advanced Properties


Advanced Properties

Other properties

Other properties property

Save component format

Specify if the component should be saved as a binary file or as formatted JSON.

Cache component

Enables Tabbed UI component caching. This is an experimental feature.

Cache invalidate strategy

Used with Cache component. Defines when to invalidate the cached Tabbed UI.

Cache key

Used with Cache component. Defines whether to cache the Tabbed UI per user, group, or a combination of both.

Delete confirmation dialog

Displays a confirmation dialog before a control is deleted from the Tabbed UI layout.

Experimental mode

When enabled, uses an experimental optimized technique method for evaluating Tabbed UI security. In most applications, using Experimental mode does not offer a significant impact on performance.

Max cache age (in minutes)

Used with Cache component. The amount of time the Tabbed UI cache is valid.

Store security groups in database

Adds the ability to change the security groups for menu items in the Tabbed UI at runtime.

Tab right-click menu

Allows you to customize the menu shown when a user right-clicks a tab in the Tabbed UI.