Editor Container


Used to create Editor Sets for the FormView Control.


The Editor container is a special type of container used to create editors inside an Editor Set. This container must be contained inside an EditorSet container. The Editor container is used in mobile applications for creating an interface for editing the value in a control, displaying a separate editor for the control rather than editing the control directly.

Create an Editor with a Dynamic Dropdown Box

You can use an editor to create a dynamic drop down box. The dropdown box can be called by multiple fields inside a form view, such as a 'State' and a 'City' field. It can then use javascript to filter the values of the one field based on the value of the other.

Create Cascading Lists Inside an Editor

You can create multiple cascading lists using an editor container that contains a single list control. These lists can be used to populate a form view control with different types of data.

Link an Editor to a Form View Control

Editor containers make updating a form view quite easy. There are a number of pre-defined editors in the defined controls section of the UX Controls page.

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