Injectible Content


Contains controls and other elements that can be "injected" into other locations in a UX Component, such as a DIV or List Footer.

Use an Injectible Content Container with a ControlBar

The Injectible Content container allows you to use a list control inside a disclosure that has been displayed inside a control-bar control.

The Injectible container is a special type of container used to render controls in a different location in a UX Component.

When you use an Injectible container, you can specify the target as a div or placeholder.

The content placed inside an Injectible container is rendered inside the target div or placeholder, rather than at the location in the UX component where a regular Container would be rendered.

You can also specify that the Injectible container's content location should be Unspecified. The Unspecified option is typically used if you plan to inject the content into the header or footer section of a List control.