RepeatingSection Container


Used to create a repeating section.


RepeatingSection containers are used to create "Master-Detail" type data structures.

For example, consider a UX component that displays information about an order. The order details (Part Number, Quantity, etc) would be placed inside a RepeatingSection container, allowing you to display multiple line items for the order details. You can add or delete rows in a repeating section.

Adding Sorting to a Repeating Section

You can use Javascript to add sorting capabilities to a repeating section.

Duplicate and Copy Rows in a Repeating Section

There are several methods that you can use with repeating sections to give them additional functionality such as the ability to duplicate rows, override existing rows, and copy rows.

Dynamically Compute Values for Added Rows in a Repeating Section

Create generated expressions for new rows in a repeating section using an Ajax callback.

Populating a Repeating Section from a Table

You can use Alpha Anywhere's Data Binding features to automatically populate a repeating section with data from an external table.

Prompting for Content in a Repeating Section before Adding a Row

When a user clicks on a button to enter a new row in a repeating section, you can force the user to fill in all of the content for the new row before adding any additional rows.

Swapping and Moving Rows in a Repeating Section

You can use javascript to add swapping and moving capabilities to repeating sections. This allows user to move the location of rows within a repeating section.

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