Other Properties' section of the UX Properties page. "/>


Adds a calander to a component. The days of the week and the format of the calendar can be adjusted using the calendar's control properties and the settings in the 'Other Properties' section of the UX Properties page.

Calendar Control in UX Component

This page describes the embedded Calendar control for the UX; it is not as fully-featured as the Calendar Component.

Displaying Events on a Calendar Control from an External Database

You can customize the calendar control to display events drawn from an SQL database. The first half of this guide gives step by step instructions on how to build a calendar control that can do this. The second half of the guide looks at the Javascript and Xbasic involved.

Settings 'Start' and 'End' Dates in a Calendar Control

A common use of a calendar control, particularly on travel sites, is to have users enter a 'start' and 'end' date into the calendar, or an 'arrival' and 'departure' date. It is desirable to be able to prevent the user from being able to enter an 'end' date that is before their 'start' date or even the current date. Fortunately this is fairly easy to accomplish in Alpha Anywhere.

Using Static Data to Display Events on a Calendar Control

You can use static JSON data to populate the events on a calendar.