Dynamically Changing Chart Appearance at Run-time


You can dynamically change certain chart properties at run-time to alter the chart appearance.

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Download Component

The properties in the chart that can be changed can be bound to controls on the UX component. When the chart is refreshed, the value for these 'bound' properties are read from the corresponding UX component controls.

Certain chart properties (such as the chart title) are defined by an expression (e.g. "My Chart Title" - this is an expression because it is enclosed in quotes). However, if you have a control on the UX (called say 'chartTitle'), then you can set the chart title expression to: chartTitle (no quotes). This means that the chart title will be read from the chartTitle control on the UX component.

Other properties (such as whether the chart is 3D or 2D) are not controlled by expressions. To bind these properties to UX controls, you need to open the 'Binding - Dynamic Charts' builder in the chart builder.


Once you open the builder for Dynamic Charts, you will see a dialog like this:


This allows you to define a CR-LF delimited list of chart bindings. For example, in the image shown above, the ChartType property of the chart control is bound to a control on the UX component called chartType

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