A control for adding server-side Charts to a UX Component.

Contrasting Chart Control with the Javascript Chart Control

The Chart controls is a server-side control. The chart is rendered as a bitmap on the server and then the client-displays the bitmap image. Because the Chart control is a server-side control, it is not suited for disconnected applications. Also, since the Chart control is a server-side control, it will be slower than Javascript Charts. See the Javascript Chart control to add client-side charting to your component.

Chart Control Topics

Create a Chart in the UX Component

This example shows how to create a simple pie chart with a Static data series.

Dynamically Changing Chart Appearance at Run-time

You can dynamically change certain chart properties at run-time to alter the chart appearance.

Using Google Charts as an Alternative to the Built-in Chart Controls

The UX component contains a powerful built-in chart control (based on the Microsoft .Net visualization library). This is a 'server-side' control (meaning that the chart is rendered on the server and then the resulting image is sent to the browser.

Using SQL data in a Google Chart

It is easy to use Google Charts in a UX component by simply copying code from the Google Charts API documentation. However, in all of the example in the Google Chart API documentation, the data plotted by the chart is static (i.e. it is hard coded into the Javascript).

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