The CheckBox control can be used to add checkboxes to an application. Multiple checkboxes can be specified as a single CheckBox control.


The CheckBox control can be displayed as a single logical check box or a list of choices that is statically or dynamically populated. Configuring a CheckBox control is similar to configuring a RadioButton. The main difference between the two control types is that a RadioButton can only have one value while a CheckBox control can have multiple values.

See also the RadioButton Control for additional articles about custom styling, rendering as a button list, and dynamically repopulating values.


Dyamically Repopulating Chocies in a RadioButton or CheckBox Control

In some applications, it might be necessary to repopulate the choices shown in a RadioButton or CheckBox control with a new set of choices after the UX Component has initially been rendered. An Ajax callback is made where the new choices are computed on the server, then a Javascript response is sent to the browser to update the choices for the control. These videos show how this can be done.

In part 2, the CheckBox is populated with a much larger set of choices and a snaking layout (left-to-right, top-to-bottom) for the CheckBox control is specified.

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RadioButton and CheckBox Controls - Displaying as Button Lists

In mobile applications, the standard HTML RadioButton and CheckBox controls are not optimal for touch events. The UX builder makes it very easy to render RadioButton and CheckBox options as a button list instead of the standard HTML controls. In this video, we show how this is easily done.

Dyamically Repopulate a CheckBox Control Configured to Display as a Button List

ChecBox controls can be configured to display as button lists. Rendering options as a button list is idea on touch-enabled devices (phones and tablets) because a button is larger and easier to tap than a check box. In many applications, it will be necessary to dynamically repopulate the choices in the CheckBox control (i.e. the button list.)

In this video, we show how to repopulate a CheckBox control rendered as a button list. The options are dynamically calculated using a SQL database query.

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Custom Styling for RadioButton and CheckBox Controls

The way an application looks is just as important as the features it offers your users. The default styilng for radio buttons and check boxes may not excite the customer. You can add your own customizations to display custom images and colors using the Custom appearance designer for RadioButton and CheckBox controls. Watch the video to learn more.

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