Introducing the List Builder


The List Builder can be a very powerful control, particularly when used in combination with a Form View control and Editors/Editor Sets.


List Builder Structure

The list builder contains a number of panes. These include the:

The Preview Button

The List Builder has a 'Preview' button to do a quick preview of the List control while you are in the List builder. The Preview window is modeless, meaning you can keep it open while you are working in the List builder (and move it to a second screen if your computer has two monitors). This makes it very convenient to preview the List after every change you make. For a video explanation watch the video below:

List Control - Modeless Preview Window in List Builder

When you are designing a List control in a UX component, the List Builder is a modal dialog. This means that you need to first close the List Builder before you can preview the UX component to see how your List control looks.

However, while you have the List Builder open, you can click the Preview button to open a modeless preview window which you can keep open whiel you are working in the List Builder. Simply clicking on the Preview button will quickly refresh the preview shown in the window.