Quick Response Codes or QR codes are optical labels that contain data and that can be added to documents and/or websites. A device equipped with imaging capabilities, like a smart-phone camera, can then be used to access the information contained within these labels. One advantage to using QR Codes is that they have the ability to store a large amount of information about something in a very small space. Because they are machine readable, this information can be used by devices to side-step tasks that would take the users of an application considerable time to deal with. For example, a QR Code can contain a long URL which, when photographed using a phone, will automatically take users to a website; without the user typing in the URL. QR Codes are used extensively in tracking, product identification, and marketing.

Generating QR Codes on the Client-side Using Javascript

QR Codes are simply data. As with other data controls, you can the setValueFrom() to set the value of a QR Code.

QRCode Control Type

The UX Component's QRCode control displays its value as a QR Code.