ViewBox Control


The ViewBox is a control that displays hot HTML. The HTML can either be statically defined or dynamically defined using an HTML Template.

The ViewBox Control

A complete overview of the ViewBox control. This page describes what a Viewbox control is, the key concepts behind the ViewBox control, the methods used with ViewBox controls, and provides video links relating to the ViewBox control.

Sample ViewBoxes

The ViewBox Control includes several samples that can be loaded from the Home tab in the ViewBox Builder.

Merge JSON data into an HTML ViewBox Template

Merging JSON data with the HTML ViewBox Template.

Editing Data in a ViewBox

You can connect a textbox editor to a ViewBox control so that you can update the data in the ViewBox.

Selectable Elements

Selectable elements give you the ability to add selectability to the rows of data displayed in a ViewBox control. This is done by defining a cursor in the ViewBox control, with the help of some CSS, and then implement this cursor in the template itself. The result is a cursor that can function like the cursor in, say, a list control.

ViewBox as a Basic List Control

You can format a ViewBox to look and act like a List Control.

ViewBox State

The term 'state' is used to describe state information. This information can be about data or it can be about other things, like portions of the view. It can be information about whether data is dirty, information that identifies data, or information that sets the background color of a view.

Creating a Step Control Using a ViewBox

When completing an order online, filling out educational information, taking an online test, or checking the status of a parcel in the post, it is common to see a stepped bar showing the current progress towards the completion of the item in question. This 'step control' is relatively easy to define using a ViewBox. It can then be tied to the panels in a panel navigator.

Getting Data for the Current Row in a ViewBox

When the ViewBox is clicked, you may want to get the value for the element or row that was clicked. This can be done by adding the row number to the ViewBox's template and creating an Item to add the click event to the layout.

ViewBox Layout Controls

Control types that can be added to a ViewBox using the Layout Genie.

Populating a ViewBox from a REST API

The ViewBox control can be populated from a REST API data source by setting the Datasource type to "REST API". Use this option to make a REST API call to retrieve the JSON data to be rendered in the ViewBox.

See also the ViewBox Properties section of the documentation and the properties pages for the ViewBox Builder