List data explode


Inserts a button for displaying all the data in a list, including any nested array data.


The List data explode control is a button that can be used to update a List's layout to display all data in the List. This control can be used to explore the data stored in a List control. If the List displays a subset of List data fields, it adds all fields to the layout. If the List data contains nested arrays, a checkbox will be included in the dropdown shown for the List data explode button. You can include the nested array data in the List layout by checking the checkbox for the nested data and clicking "Explode".

An exploded list that contains a nested array, "Children" (download component)

List data explode can be used with any List regardless of the List's layout. Exploded data is displayed using a Columnar layout. If the List only has one layout, List data explode replaces the List's layout. If the List has multiple layouts, List data explode will replace the Default layout.

In addition to the fields in the data source, the List data explode button may also add internal List data fields to the layout. These are used internally by Alpha Anywhere to track record-dependent information, such as the record's primary key (_primaryKey) or if the record has been modified (IsDirty). The internal fields shown are dependent on how the List is configured. It is strongly recommended that you do not directly modify these internal use only fields.

An exploded editable List based on a SQL data source with a multi-field Primary Key (download component)