FormView Control


The FormView Control can be used with List Controls and Editor sets to great effect. The Data Source for FormView controls are usually defined as a List control. The data gathered from the List Control can then be linked to 'items' and placed inside HTML blocks that can easily be made to look exactly like individual UX controls. This gives developers all of the functionality found in an application with many UX controls but can also produce a UX component that is much lighter and faster. See FormView Properties for a list of individual properties relating to the FormView and FormView Builder.

FormView Control

The FormView control is a versatile control for building web and mobile applications.

Displaying Captured Images using a Form View

It is easy to configure a Form View such that it can be used to select and save, or 'capture', images to a list control.

Displaying Calculated Values on a FormView

When you design a FormView control you may want the form to display calculated values (typically computed from other fields in the form). Since the Form is really just an HTML template that is rendered using Alpha Anywhere's client-side templating features, this is easily done.

Built-in List Control Editors in a Form View

You can create built-in list controls to use inside an editor that edits items in a Form View control. Because the 'Editor-List' is an editor only one of these controls needs to be defined in order for multiple items to make use of it. The example below uses an Editor-List to edit the 'City' and 'Country' fields. You can easily add filters to items that use an editor so that, for example, an editor-list that shows cities will only show cities that apply to the selected country in a Form View.

Annotation on Form View Controls

You can annotate form view controls such that a user can draw over captured images with an ink control and then save the modified image to a list.

Using Ink on a Form View to Capture Signatures and User Input

Ink controls allow users to draw on a screen. It can be used to capture signatures, sketches, and more. It is easy to add an Ink control to a Form View Control and a minor step to then save the data entered into the Ink control to a list control. This guide explains how to do this.

Form View Builder

The Form View Builder is used to configure a FormView Control.

See also the Form Properties and the properties pages for the FormView Builder