The UX component includes a built-in video player control.


The Video Player Control supports YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and HTML5 video players.

The player supports many options specific to the type of player used.

The 'auto play' option does not work on mobile devices as it is disabled in an effort to conserve bandwidth. An 'automatic sizing' option is included to adjust the video player size on device orientation change. This feature is important on Android devices.

A typical use case is to include a panel navigator with two panel cards. The first panel card contains a list control that may display the video title, the second panel card includes the video player control. When the user taps on a row in the list, the second panel card is transitioned into view and the video may be played. Download a sample component that demonstrates this use case.

The Video Player Control is not a data bound control. If you need to capture video in a mobile application, use the Data Bound Video Player control instead.


Video Player Control

The UX Component now includes a Video Player control. Previously, to include videos in the UX component, you created a Video Player component and embedded the Video Player component in a UX control. Using the new Video Player control is much easier. In addition, there are new actions in Action Javascript that allow you to perform actions on the Video Player control.

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