Other Controls


FormView, ControlBar, Placeholders, Comments, Static Text, and other controls that are not Data Controls, Panels, Containers, or Pre-defined controls.


You can add a button control to a component by clicking on the [Button] option in the Other Controls menu. The guides listed here describe how to make button controls appear and function in the way that you want.


You can insert comments into your UX component to document your component.


A ControlBar is similar to the toolbars that you see in your desktop applications. For example, all of the builders (e.g. UX Builder, Grid Builder) display a bar with multiple buttons across the top of the screen. The primary use case for a ControlBar is to define the contents that appears in a UX component's Panel headers and footers. However, ControlBars are not limited to Panel headers and footers. Like other control types in the UX, they can be added anywhere in the UX. For example in a Panel body. Or even in UX components that do not use Panels at all.


The CustomControl allows you to specify arbitrary HTML and Javascript for the control. You can specify the HTML and Javascript at design-time, or you can specify an Xbasic function that will generate the HTML and Javascript for the control at run-time.

Drag and Drop File Upload Control

The Drag and Drop File Upload Control (Drag and Drop Control) adds the ability to upload files by dragging and dropping files from the filesystem onto a designated location in your app. When the files are dropped, Alpha Anywhere uploads the files to the the specified location -- either Amazon S3 or the Alpha Anywhere Application Server.

Embedded Object

The Embedded Object control allows you to incorporate other defined objects -- components, reports, A5W pages, static HTML, or an external web page-- into a UX component.

File Upload/Download

The File Upload/Download control is an invisible control that is used with the File Upload and File Download Action Javascript actions to add uploading and downloading files to and from the Alpha Anywhere Appliaction Server in a UX component that uses data binding.

FormView Control

The FormView Control can be used with List Controls and Editor sets to great effect. The Data Source for FormView controls are usually defined as a List control. The data gathered from the List Control can then be linked to 'items' and placed inside HTML blocks that can easily be made to look exactly like individual UX controls. This gives developers all of the functionality found in an application with many UX controls but can also produce a UX component that is much lighter and faster. See FormView Properties for a list of individual properties relating to the FormView and FormView Builder.


The Hyperlink control can be used to add an HTML link that opens another page or external URL in he web browser.


IFrame controls allow for the display of webpages inside of an application. Many websites place no restrictions on whether or not they can be displayed in an IFrame. Websites such as www.google.com and www.yahoo.com, however, do have internally defined restrictions that will cause the site to not be displayed in an IFrame control.


FormView, ControlBar, Placeholders, Comments, Static Text, and other controls that are not Data Controls, Panels, Containers, or Pre-defined controls.

Javascript Chart

Adds a Javascript Chart to the component. Javascript Charts use client-side data and can be created and viewed in an offline environment.

Jitsi Meet

The UX component includes a built-in Jitsi Meet control that provides free video conferencing capabilities for your web applications.

PDF Viewer Control

Displays a PDF.


Placeholder controls can be used to dynamically insert things into a component in a designated location.


Adds space between controls in a component when added between two controls on the controls tree.

Static Text

Adds static text to the component.


The TabStop control adds a tab spacer. It can be used to left, center, and right justify controls a Panel Header or Panel Footer.


The UX component includes a built-in video player control.