Audio Recorder/Player


Properties for the Audio Recorder/Player control.

End recording button label 

Defines the text to show on the 'End recording' button.

Label for loading message 

Specify the message to display while an audio file is loading into the player. Once the file is loaded, and is ready to play, the message is removed. You can use <a5:t> (text dictionary) and <a5:r> (language tags) in the string.

Label for streaming message 

Specify the label to display if the audio file loaded into the player is a streaming audio source (e.g. 'stream:').

Maximum recording duration 

Specify the maximum length (in seconds) of a recording. Set to 0 for no maximum.

Recording fidelity 

Defines the recording fidelity. The higher the fidelity the higher the sample rate and the larger the audio file. Fidelity can be set to one of the following:

Recording fidelity

The highest sampling rate. Produces the best quality audio file. Audio files using "Very-high" fidelity require the most disk space.


The default value.


The lowest sample rate. Produces the lowest quality audio file but requires the least amount of disk space.


Cordova Applications Only

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