Button List Properties


A button list is a series of buttons that can be placed horizontally or vertically on a component.


Sets the sub-theme for a Button List Control.


Specify the width of the control. Use CSS units.

Fill width

Whether or not a horizontal ButtonList control should fill the control's width.


The "Direction" property specifies the orientation of the buttons. The options are Vertical and Horizontal.

Button style

The Button style property specifies the style of the buttons.

Allow multiple selection

Specify if only one, or multiple buttons can be in the pressed state. If not checked, the ButtonList acts like a radio button control. If checked, the ButtonList acts like a checkbox control.

Allow NULL selection

This property specifies if the Button List allows all controls to be de-selected after an initial selection is made.

Method for defining buttons

The choices in a ButtonList control can be statically defined using the ButtonList Builder or static JSON or dynamically computed using a Data Series or the Client-side Data Cache.

Data series mapping

Specify the name of the Data Series to use and also specify how the sub-series in the Data Series are mapped to the required fields.


Specify the Javascript to be executed when the value of the bound variable is changed. The value of the bound variable is changed when the user clicks a button, a .setValue() method is called, or the bound variable is changed in some other way. Differs from the onClick event, which only fires when the user physically clicks on a button.


Fires when the user clicks on a button.