Chart definition


The Chart definition property sets the data, style, and binding as well additional settings.

3d Appearance

Gives charts a 3d appearance


Expression that indicates grouping and order for data points. X axis contains labels.

Chart Style

Edit stylesheet (colors, line styles, and fonts).

Chart Title

Expression for title to display on chart.

Chart Type

Sets the type of chart to display. For example a pie chart, candlestick chart, donut chart, etc. A full list of chart types with images is shown below.

Client Margin

Where does x axis data start printing.


Data points to sample

Data Format

Optional data point format.

Data Label

Optional data point Label expression for chart.

Data Label Placement

Control where the data labels appear.

Data Type

Specifies the type of data plotted for y values. Types of Data include Numeric, Date, and Time.



Include Zero

Include zero in the y axis.

Show Breaks

Show breaks in sparse graph data.

Show Secondary Axis

Secondary axis labels.

Split Data

Chart gets split using column from series.

X Axis Data Format

Optional X axis data format.

X Axis Title

Expression for x-axis title to display on chart.

Y Axis Title

Expression for y-axis title to display on chart.

Minimum Y Interval