Control Type


The Control type property can be used to change the type of a Data control to any other Data control type, including Add-in controls (found in the 'More...' option in the Data Controls toolbox.)


The Control type can be changed for any Data control to one of the following by editing the control's Control Type property.

  • Label
  • TextBox
  • TextArea
  • Image
  • SignatureCapture
  • QRCode
  • DropDownBox
  • RadioButton
  • Checkbox
  • Hidden
  • List
  • Slider
  • ButtonList
  • SpinList
  • Calendar
  • Tree
  • Map
  • Chart
  • ViewBox
  • Ink
  • Video
  • DataBoundCustomControl

Clicking on the button next to Control type opens the Select Control Type dialog.


In addition, all Add-in controls (which can be viewed by clicking "More..." in the Data Controls toolbox) are also available in the Control Type options. Both the add-in controls shipped with Alpha Anywhere and any add-in controls that you create yourself will be included.