DropDownBox Properties


Properties that define a dropdown box control. This includes the 'Choices' property which defines the dropdown list.

Bubble help

Specify the bubble help for this field.


Specify the choices that appear in the DropDownBox. Choices can be populated from the Client-side Data Cache.


Specify the height of the box. If the height is 1 then the dropdownbox will appear as a combo box. If height is greater than 1, then the box will appear as a box list.

Javascript control

Enables rendering a dropdown box control as a "Javascript control", which allows additional customization of the look of the dropdown box control and gives access to JavaScript methods to manipulate the choices in the control.

Not in list rule

If the value in the field is not in the list of choices for the dropdownbox, should the current value of the field be added to the list of choices in the dropdownbox? Does not apply when the control value is set by Javascript. For example, using the SetValue() or populate() methods will not apply.

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