Ink Control


Properties to shape the overall layout of an Ink control. Includes the Auto-commit property which is useful for setting data from the ink.

Auto Commit

Auto commit the Ink every time the user interacts (draws a stroke or erases). For larger ink areas, this should be left off. If off, the Ink Editor's .commit() method can be used to commit the Ink data.

Detached View ID

This property appears when the 'Layout' property is set to 'detached view'. The ID of the element to contain the Ink Control view part in a "detached-view" layout.


The layout of the Ink Control has several options. The "split" option will divide the Ink Control into an edit and view area. The "editor" option will show only the edit area. The "detached view" will show the Ink view in the element with the specified ID.

Preview Size

The preview size for the Ink (maximum width or height, in pixels) when it is being panned or scaled. You should keep this value low (around 512) for mobile devices with less power.

Split Layout

The split layout of the Ink Control, this property appears after the 'Layout' property is set to 'split'. The 'v-view-editor' option will position the view above the editor. The 'v-editor-view' option will position the editor above the view. The 'h-view-editor' option will place the view on the left and the editor on the right. The last option, 'h-editor-view', will place the editor on the left and the view on the right.

Split Size

The size of the edit part of the split layout.