Ink Editor


The Ink editor is the area where users draw. These properties determine if an editor has an overlay, a selection of tools such as pens, erasers, and buttons that appears around the editor. There are also some properties that effect the scaling in the editor and more.

Class name

The CSS class of the Ink Control editor part.

Page class name

The CSS class of the Ink Control editor part page (the bounds of the Ink).

Page offset

The offset (in pixels) of the page when the Ink Control is doing size calculations. This can be used to adjust for borders in the CSS class, for instance if you had a '1px' border you would want a page offset of '1'.

Has overlay

The Ink Control editor overlay allows you to place buttons over the ink that can be used to change tools, undo/redo and navigate the ink.


The HTML to overlay the Ink Editor part. This can include buttons to select tools and navigate.

Auto scale

If auto scale is on, then the editor will scale the Ink automatically to fit the available space. The Ink will be re-scaled when the Ink View changes.

Scale fit

Ink dimension to scale to.

Scale margin

Margin (in pixels) to place around the Ink when auto scaling.

Lock auto scale

If lock auto scale is on, then the user will not be able to pinch zoom the Ink Editor.