Ink properties


Opens the Ink builder, allowing you to access the large selection of properties that define this control.

Ink Control

Properties to shape the overall layout of an Ink control. Includes the Auto-commit property which is useful for setting data from the ink.

Ink Page

The Ink page properties let you set background images on an ink view. They also let you add ruled pages and graph pages to the background of an ink control. This can be very useful for designing things and writing. There are many properties to adjust these changes to the background; to alter their size, color, and placement.

Ink Editor

The Ink editor is the area where users draw. These properties determine if an editor has an overlay, a selection of tools such as pens, erasers, and buttons that appears around the editor. There are also some properties that effect the scaling in the editor and more.

Ink View

The Ink View properties apply to the Ink Control's View portion. When a portion of an image is altered in the editor then the impact of the edit on the image as a whole is visible in the view. A zoom box inside the view can be dragged around and scaled inside in order to edit different portions of an image in greater detail.

Ink Pen Tool

Properties that impact the pen tool.

Ink Eraser Tool

Properties to alter the eraser tool

Ink Status Messages

A number of the tools that can be applied to an overlay also come with messages that indicate what they do. These messages can be changed using these properties.

Ink Events

Ink events help define what should happen whenever certain events occur in an ink control. When an overlay is created a number of these events will be populated automatically; in order to define actions for the buttons that come with the overlay.

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