List Builder Detail ViewDetail View Properties


Settings to configure a List control's Detail View, including control mapping and synchronization behavior.

Ajax callback to refresh row on select

Specifies whether or not an Ajax Callback should be made to refresh List data when a row is selected.

Auto-commit detail view on row select

Automatically saves changes to a record when another record is selected.

Detail view container

A UX Container that contains the controls to map to List fields.

Detail view container for Detail View positioned in List

The container with the content to embed in the List row.

Detail view field map

Defines a mapping between fields in the List to controls in the component.

Detail view position

Defines where the detail view for editing records in a List is located: within the List or externally located, such as on another panel. This property can also be used to embed other content -- Lists, Maps, etc -- in the List row.

Detail view type

Defines how fields in the List are mapped to controls in the component for the Detail View.

Dirty control class name

When you have a List with an associated Detail View and you edit the data in one of the rows of the List, an icon (whose appearance you can customize) is shown in the List row to indicate that the List row has data that has been edited, but not yet synchronized.

Embedded detail view properties

Settings for customizing how embedded content in a List is shown, including the method to show the content, the image used for the Row open/close icon, and options to add your own event handler when the content is shown.

Placeholder for progress display

Specify the placeholder for the synchronization progress control.

Synchronization batch size

Defines the batch size for synchronizing data to the server. A batch size of '0' indicates that all edits should be synchronized in a single batch.

Synchronization policy

Defines settings for Synchronizing in-memory data in the UX Component with data stored on the Server, including when modified data should be uploaded (synchronized) as well as when to check for and download new and modified records. The policy can be set to trigger when a record is saved or when the List is explicitly synched using the "Synchronize" button. Synchronization policy is only available for Lists based on a SQL Data Source.