List Builder FieldsButton Properties


The 'Add Item' button has an option to add a 'Button' to the List Builder's 'Fields' pane. Embedding a button in a list also opens a set of Button Properties.

Button text

Specify the button text.


Specify one or more CSS classes for the button.


Clicking on the Style property opens the style builder. This gives you control over the CSS applied to the button; allowing you to change the font, background color, add images, etc...


Specify the Javascript to be executed when the user clicks this button.

Stop event propagation

This property specifies if the events for the row (e.g. onSelect, onClick, etc.) should fire in addition to this event. If checked, the row events do not fire.

Focus row

By default, clicking the button does not select the row for the button that was clicked. If you check this option, when you click the button, the corresponding row will be selected.

Bubble help

Bubble help creates a bubble with help text in it whenever a button is hovered over.

Adding a Button control to the fields list on the Fields pane of the List Builder will insert a button into each row of the list. This button can then be tied to a custom Javascript Action. For a video tutorial watch this video or read the transcript.

For the button to be visible in the list it will need to be added to the Columns in List in the List Layout pane.