List Builder FieldsDynamic Image Properties


The 'Add Item' button has an option to add a Dynamic Image control to the List Builder's 'Fields' pane. This in turn opens the Dynamic Image Properties.

Image definition

The image definition property allows you to place images in a list. An Expression is added to the definition that describes when the image should be applied to the list.

Image class

Specify the CSS class for this field.

Image style

Clicking the Image style property opens the Style editor. This Lets you enhance the styling on images included in the list control without having to modify multiple images individually.

Bubble help

Specify the message to display in the bubble help for this field.


Specify the Javascript to be executed when the user clicks this image. The Javascript can reference the 'rowNumber' variable (the zero based row number of the row for the button). 'listObj' (a pointer to the List object') and 'data' (a pointer to current row data values). To read data from a field in the current row use: data.fieldName where 'fieldName' is the case-sensitive name of the field. e.g. data.firstName.

Stop event propagation

Specify if the events for the row (e.g. onSelect, onClick) should fire in addition to this event. If checked, the row events do not fire.

Focus row

By default, clicking the image does not select the row for the image that was clicked. If you check this option, when you click the image, the corresponding row will be selected.