List Builder FieldsImage Properties


Specify information about an image field, such as the image type or whether or not the image is base64 encoded. This information tells the List Control how to render the image data in the field.

Embed images into HTML

Specify if the image should be base64 encoded and embedded directly into the HTML.

Scale image on server

Specify if the image should be scaled on the server before it is served. Scaling the image on the server can improve performance by reducing the amount of data that must be transmitted.

Image type

Specify the image file type.

Image Data type

Specify if the data in the field is an image file name, or is base64 encoded data.

Base64 prefix

If the base64 data in the field already has a prefix in the base64 encoded data (e.g. 'data:image/jpg;base64,' ) then you will not need to add a prefix. But if the data in the field is just raw base64 encoded data, you will need to add the appropriate prefix.

Image file transformation template

If the Image Filename is a relative filename, this transformation expression can be used to convert to an absolute filename.

No image found image

(Optional) If this field does not have any Image data for a particular row, specify an optional image to display instead of an empty image. Specify <None> for no image.