List Builder FieldsServer-side Properties


Specify how the field data is transformed on the server before being sent to the client's browser or mobile device.

Display format

Specify how the field should be formatted using an Xbasic expression.

In-line style

Specify the in-line style for this field.

Conditional style

Specify the display style for this field. The style is dynamically computed on the server.

Security Groups

Select which security groups can see this field. If no groups are selected, all users can see the data in this field.

Summary field formatting

Specify the format expression for the server-side summary fields for this field.

Compute summary Values

Computing summary values on the server-side. For List controls that are based on SQL data, you can specify that summary data (e.g. total, avg, count, min and max - total and avg are only available for numeric fields) should be computed for certain columns in the List control.

Encrypt field

If checked, data in the field is encrypted by Alpha Anywhere.

Show/hide expression

Specify the show/hide expression for the field.