Has row drag reorder behavior


Adds the ability to reorder rows by clicking on the row and dragging it to a new position in the list.


The List control can be configured to all ow the user to reorder rows by dragging them to new locations in the List. The behavior supports either click-and-dragging an entire row or using a handle to reorder the Lists rows.

A List control with drag reordering using "Downhold" mode.

Checking the Has drag reorder behavior property enables row drag reording. The drag reorder behavior is configured with the Drag reorder settings.


Reorder List Rows by Dragging Row to New Position

In certain applications where a List control is used, it is necessary to allow the user to reorder the rows in the List. A common user interface pattern used to reorder List rows is to allow the user to drag a row to its new position in the List.

In this video we show how you can add 'drag to move row' behavior to a List control.

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