List Properties


General list control properties include adding a Search Part, Detail View, local storage capabilities, headers, footers, and search highlighting among other things.

Allow de-select

If a row in a List has been selected, and the List allows NULL selection, you can check the 'Allow de-select' property. This will de-select the row (so that no row is shown as selected) when the user click on the selected row a second time.

Check-box select control customization
Custom scroll indicator settings

You can customize the position and appearance of the scroll indicator that is shown when the List is scrolled.

Custom scroll properties

Specify if the List has custom scroll properties, such as 'snap' (to scroll in discrete amounts), and momentum scrolling. The settings you define here apply to each layout you define (if the List has multiple layouts). You can also define custom settings at the individual layout level.

Delay render till explicit refresh

If enabled, delays rendering the List control until the List is explicitly refreshed, either using JavaScript or some action that triggers the List to update.

Delay render till visible

If enabled, delays rendering the List control until it is visible on the screen.

Display text for NULL values

If your data has NULL values, you can now specify the text to show for the NULL values. For example, you might want to show n/a for null values.

Do incremental refresh after List is populated

Specify if an incremental refresh should be performed after the List is populated. An incremental refresh will not refresh List rows that have been edited but have not been persisted back to server.

Drag reorder settings

Settings for defining the drag reorder behavior for the List control.

Has 'no records in list' message

A common requirement in a List is to show a custom message if the List has no records. The List control has built-in properties to make this task easy. You can automatically center the message horizontally and vertically in the List.

Has check-box select control

Adds a checkbox selector column to the List control. The checkbox select column can be used to select multiple rows in the List.

Has custom row side-to-side drag behavior

If checked, drag left and drag right behaviors can be added to the rows in the List.

Has Detail View

Specify if the List has a 'Detail View' - controls on the UX that are populated with values from the current row of data in the List. The DetailView can be used to display a single record view of the current record in the List. The DetailView can also be used to edit the data in the current row in the List.

Has fixed footer

Specify if a footer should be shown below the list. Because the footer is 'fixed' it will not move even if the list is scrolled through. To add a footer first check the Has fixed footer property, then define the Fixed header HTML property that appears. The 'Fixed header style' property will help you style the header.

Has fixed header

Specifies if a header should be shown above the list. If checked you can also specify the header HTML using the fixed Header HTML property.

Has row drag reorder behavior

Adds the ability to reorder rows by clicking on the row and dragging it to a new position in the list.

Has Search Part

Specifies if the List as a 'Search Part', controls on the UX that allow the user to enter criteria to filter the records shown in the List.

Loop navigate

You can check the 'Loop navigate' property in a List to turn on 'loop navigation'. With loop navigation, if the last row in the List is selected and the user presses the 'down' key, focus will go to the first row in the list (if Loop navigate null selection is unchecked) or will be set to NULL (if Loop navigate null selection is checked)

No records HTML

You can alter the HTML in the no records message using the 'No records HTML' property.

Persist data to Storage

If enabled, persists the List's data to client-side storage. Storage options include Local Storage, device Filesystem (Mobile apps only), and IndexedDB. This option is typically checked when creating an application that that needs to work without an internet connection (offline).

Persist mode

Defines what List data (edits only or all data) should be persisted to Local Storage.

Persist list data where

Defines where data should be persisted in an application. Data can be persisted to Local Storage or a device's file system (Cordova applications only.)


The List control has a read-only property.

Row drag settings

Opens the List Row Drag Action Builder for configuring the behavior when the user drags a List row from left-to-right or right-to-left.

Search highlighting

Specify if search values in the List should be highlighted. Applies when the List is filtered on the server-side using the 'Filter records in a List' action in Action Javascript, or on either the client-side or server-side if the List is filtered using the 'Search Part'.

Use drag scrolling

Defines whether or not drag scrolling should be enabled on the user's device to scroll the list.

Version number

The version number for the List control's persisted data.

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