List Properties


This pane within the List Builder features a number of important property settings such as list virtualization and the ability to add detail and search views to a component.

List Properties

General list control properties include adding a Search Part, Detail View, local storage capabilities, headers, footers, and search highlighting among other things.

Custom scroll properties

Options for customizing the scroller for the list layout.

List Virtualization

List Virtualization is similar to the Pagination option that appears in the List Builder's Data Source Pane, except that list virtualization occurs on the client-side where data pagination appears on the server-side.

List Scroller

List scrollers allow you to quickly navigate to a particular record in a List.

Client-side Filter/Order, and Grouping

List data can be filtered, ordered, and grouped using client-side expressions.

List Navigator

If enabled, the List Navigator shows values from the Group Header in a List Control. A List Navigator can only be added to a List with server-side and/or client-side group breaks.

Pull Past End Settings and Events

Options for customizing what happens when the user scrolls past the end of the content in the List control.

Multiple Layouts

Create multiple List layouts to customize data presentation when the device's orientation changes from landscape to portrait.

Layout Properties

Configures the look and feel of the List layout, including defining the layout type and optional CSS class overrides.

Computed Columns

Specify dynamically computed columns on the client-side using these properties.

Lookup Columns

Display columns in a List where the data in the column is 'looked' up in another List, or by calling a Javascript function.

Conditional Row Style

Conditional styling applied to each row in the list. Styling can be computed using a server-side or client-side expression.

Javascript - Render Time

Client-side events for the List control that are fired while the List is being rendered.

Javascript - Run Time

Client-side events for the List Control and List Detail View.


Advanced properties for configuring the List control.

The List Properties Pane

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