The Lookups property allows you retrieve one or more field values from another grid. UX Lookup properties include:


Check if the component has a Lookup property. Checking this property exposes the Lookup type and Lookup definition properties.

Lookup type

A Lookup can be a Grid Component, an Edit Combo List, or an Auto-Suggest List. Use the dropdown to select a type.

Lookup definition

Defines how values are calculated for the lookup.

Clicking the button next to the Lookup definition property will open a builder to help you define a Lookup. If 'Grid Component' is selected as the Lookup type, then a Define Lookup Window dialog will open. Similarly, if the Edit Combo List option in the Lookup type is selected, the Edit-Combo Builder will open. Choosing the Auto-Suggest List option opens the Auto-Suggest Builder.

Auto-Suggest Builder

The Auto-Suggest Builder is used to construct Auto-Suggest style Lookup controls.

Edit-Combo Builder

The Edit-Combo Builder is used to construct Edit Combo style Lookup controls.

Define Lookup Window

The Define Lookup Window is used to create a Grid Component type Lookup for a control.

Cascading List

Presents choices as a cascading menu of choices.

Windows, Auto-suggest and Edit-combo - Specifying a Maximum Window Height

When you define the window height for a pop-up window, an auto-suggest control or an edit-combo control, you can specify a window height.

If you leave the height property blank, the window will be sized to accommodate the entire height of the content (which will result in a window that is too high if there is a lot of content). On the other hand, if you specify an explicit size, then you will end up with a window that looks too big if there is just a small amount of content in the window.

To remedy this problem, you can alter the window height by using the 'max' syntax. This will automatically size the window to fit its content, but prevent it from growing bigger than the specified max size. For example, you can specify the height property as:

max: 300px