Fill container


This applies only when a control is inside a 'Panel Card' or a 'Container' with a sub-type of 'None' or 'Window'. When the Fill container property is checked the control will expand to the size of the container.

Using Fill container

  1. First add a Map control to the UX Component.

  2. Go to the Map Properties section of the Control Properties list and check the Fill container property.

  3. On the Controls page find the Containers menu and click the [Container] control

  4. From the options on the 'Insert Container' dialog select 'None' and click Insert Around.

  5. Highlight the Container Begin control and look in the Container Begin Properties section of the control properties list. Find the Container width and Container height properties.

    • images/cont4.png
      The Container begin control
    • images/cont5.png
      Container Begin Properties
  6. Create new dimensions for these properties using, for example, 9in and 4in

  7. Now run the UX component. The map should fill the container no matter what its size is.