RadioButton Properties


A list of choices in radio buttons. You can align the buttons vertically, or horizontally.


Specifies the alignment of the button labels for a radiobutton control that is rendered as a button list.

Bubble help

Specify the bubble help for this field.

Button style

Defines the placement of an image relative to text for a radiobutton control rendered as a button list.


The choices to be shown after each radio button. The choices can be 'Static', 'Dynamic', or 'Variable'.

Class name - choices

Optional. Specify a class name for the <span> tag that encloses each radio button and its associatted label.

Custom appearance designer

Opens the 'Customize RadioButton Style' property settings.

Custom layout when in AbsoluteLayout container

If the RadioButton control is placed in an AbsoluteLayout container, individual controls can be manually positioned if this option is selected.

Fill width

Specify if the Button List should fill its defined width. Tip, when this property is checked, it is common to set the control width to 100%.

Has custom design for RadioButton appearance

Specify the appearance of the radiobutton should be customized. You can control the image used to indicate if a choice is checked or not, the size of the checkmark and other aspects of the control's appearance.

Javascript control

Enables rendering a radio button control as a "Javascript control", which allows full customization of the look of the radio button options and gives access to JavaScript methods to manipulate the choices in the control.

Not in list rule

If the value in the field is not in the list of choices for the radio-button, should the current value of the field be added to the list of choices in the radio-button. Does not apply when the control value is set by Javascript, for example, using the .SetValue() or .populate() methods.


Fires when the user clicks on a button.


Specify the Javascript to be executed when the value of the bound variable is changed. The value of the bound variable is changed when the user clicks a button, a setValue() method is called, or the bound variable is changed in some other way. Differs from the onClick event which only fires when the user physically clicks on a button.


Are the radio buttons laid out vertically, horizontally, or in columns? If in columns, you can specify the 'snaking' style; Left-to-Right-Top-to-Bottom (LRTB), or Top-to-Bottom-Left-to-Right (TBLR). Columns are not supported for 'ButtonList' style.

Render as Button List

Specify if this control should render as a ButtonList control. Typically only used in mobile applications.

Selected image

Specify the image to show on the radio button when the item is selected. For no image, specify: <None>. Leave blank for the default image.

Suppress labels when in AbsoluteLayout container

If this control is inside an AbsoluteLayout container, should the labels for each Radiobutton control be suppressed? You might want to do this if you are using a bitmap background for the AbsoluteLayout container and the bitmap has labels on it.

Un-selected image

Specify the image to show on the radio button when the item is not selected. This is typically a null image that has the same size as the selected image. You can leave this blank to use a default image. Typically, you only need to set this image if you specify a custom selected image that has a different size than the default selected image.

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