Textbox Properties


A textbox property displays data in a textbox control. This control is typically used for editable data. Textbox controls can be optionally configured as a Lookup, Edit-combo, or Auto-suggest control. See the 'Lookup' property in the property grid.

HTML5 type

Specify an optional value for the textbox 'type' attribute. Leave blank to use 'text'


Specify if the 'autocorrect' HTML attribute should be set on or off. (Applies to mobile iOS).


Specify if the 'autocapitalize' HTML attribute should be set on or off. (Applies to mobile iOS)

Maximum length

Specify the maximum number of characters that can be entered into the control. Set to -1 if there is no maximum. Note: To set the size of the control, set the 'Style' property. e.g. width: 2in;

Bubble help

Specify the bubble help for this field.

Display format

Specify how this field should be formatted.

Control Javascript

Specify any Javascript code that should be emitted for this control. You can use the special {Dialog.ControlId} and {Dialog.ControlIdEscaped} placeholders to reference the control's Id. This is an advanced feature typically used by developers who are using a 3rd party Javascript library, such as JQuery, to style a control using Javascript.


Is this a password field?


Specify if the field has a watermark. The watermark text appears in the textbox where there is no value in the textbox.

Custom in-control buttons

Specify if the textbox has custom buttons that are displayed inside the textbox.

In-control buttons definition

Define the in-control buttons. For example, there might be a 'Clear button' inside a textbox to allow you to remove all of the text in the control in one go. A filter button can also be added, as can a 'Search' button, or any customized button that you might want. One a button in defined there are several properties that appear to aid in its definition:


Specify if the control is read-only. Note that if you want the control to be readonly only if a certain condition is true then you should see the Client-side Properties 'Readonly expression'.


Specify if the control is disabled. If you want the control to be disabled only if a certain condition is true then see the Client-side Properties 'Enable expression'. If this control is used in a List Control's Detail View you must use client-side properties to disable the control.

Custom attributes

Specify any custom attributes that you want to inject into the HTML markup for this control.

Special type

Specify if the textbox should have a special behavior, such as Google Address Autocomplete. Details about how the special type should behave are specified by the [Special type settings Property]. Options available are listed below:

Special type settings

Specifies optional mapping between the selected address and controls in the UX Component.

Visit the TextBox section of the documentation for guides on implementing textbox controls in a UX component.

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