Tree Properties


These are properties that define, size, and determine user capabilities for tree controls.

Tree data type

Tree data type specifies the method you want to use to define the data to show in the tree. The easiest method is to use the 'TreeDataGenie'. You can also specify a JSON string or call an Xbasic function to dynamically compute the tree data.

Tree data (TreeDataGenie)

Clicking the [...] button next to this property will open the Tree Data Genie.

Tree data (JSON)

The Tree data (JSON) property appears after the "Tree data type" property is set to JSON. Clicking the [...] next to this property opens the Tree Control - JSON Data dialog. This dialog comes with a workspace where you can enter JSON directly. There are also three text buttons at the bottom of the dialog. Validate JSON examines any entered JSON for errors and Show in JSON Viewer gives a rough visual of the existing tree structure. The "Insert sample JSON" option enters the following JSON:

Xbasic function

Specify an Xbasic function to compute the tree data. To see this property you must first set the 'Tree data type' property to be 'Xbasic'.

Tree width

This sets the width of the tree control. Use CSS syntax. (e.g. 2in, 50px). Leave blank to use the default width, around 2 to 3 inches.

Tree height

Specify the height of the tree control. Use CSS suntax (e.g. 2in, 50px). Leave blank for default height.

Allow multiple selection

This allows users to select more than one item in a tree at any given time (see image). If this property is not checked then only one item on the tree will be able to be selected at any given time.

Allow NULL selection

The Allow NULL selection property, if checked, lets users deselect items in the tree. This makes it possible for no items in the tree to be selected.

Value separator

If an explicit value property was not set for a node then specify how the implied value property should be constructed. This is the separator character between all of the parent values for this node. Defaults to a period.

Loading message


Loop navigation

When the user is using the keyboard to navigate in the tree should pressing down on the last item loop to the first item.

For more in depth guides relating to tree controls, see Tree control.