ViewBox Properties


Properties found in the ViewBox Properties section on the ViewBox Properties tab in the ViewBox builder.

Allow animation

Enables or disables animating the ViewBox when it's populated or refreshed.

Allow any value

Allows you to set a ViewBox control's value to any value -- including values not included in the ViewBox's selectable items.

Allow de-select

If only one item is selected and the user clicks on that item, should the item be de-selected?

Allow keyboard navigation to give focus

Enables tabbing into the ViewBox control.

Allow multiple selections

If enabled, allows you to select multiple entries in a ViewBox.

Allow NULL selection

Enables or disables NULL selection (i.e. no value) for a ViewBox.

Allow text selection

Enables or disables the ability to highlight and copy text in a ViewBox.

Auto-refresh when ViewBox is resized

Controls whether or not the ViewBox should be automatically refreshed when the control's width and/or height have changed.

Auto-refresh when ViewBox value changes

Customizes the refresh behavior for the ViewBox when the control's value changes.

Auto-select on orientation change

Allows you to specify what ViewBox layout to use when the device's orientation changes.

Capture focus

Controls focus capture behavior for the ViewBox and whether or not the ViewBox control should capture focus when tapped/clicked or if focus should be propagated to the HTML elements in the ViewBox layout.

Has multiple layouts

Enables ability to define multiple layouts for the ViewBox.

Landscape layout

The layout to use when the device is in landscape orientation.

Loop navigate

Defines behavior when navigating the ViewBox using the arrow keys.

Loop navigate null selection

Enables selecting a NULL value when the user navigates beyond the last item in a ViewBox using arrow keys.

Portrait layout

The layout to use when the device is in portrait orientation.

Post-process Javascript

Fires after the HTML has been generated for the ViewBox control but before it is rendered in the browser.

Selection mode

The selection mode for a ViewBox that allows multiple selections.

Use wrapper

Enables wrapping custom HTML around the ViewBox control's Layout.

Wrapper HTML

HTML content to wrap around the ViewBox Layout.

Wrapper initialization javascript

JavaScript executed when the ViewBox wrapper is initialized.