Data Control Properties


Properties that are specific to data controls. These properties only appear when a data control is highlighted on the UX controls page.

Button List Properties

A button list is a series of buttons that can be placed horizontally or vertically on a component.

Button List Styling


Chart Properties

The Chart control comes with the following control properties.

CheckBox Properties

Properties for configuring the options for a CheckBox control.

Control Type

The Control type property can be used to change the type of a Data control to any other Data control type, including Add-in controls (found in the 'More...' option in the Data Controls toolbox.)

Data Binding

You can use data binding to create new tables with fields that can then be used within the UX component. This is done on the '[Data Binding]' page of the UX Builder. Once the data from a new or existing table has been bound to the component you can use the properties in this section to bind a control to one of the fields in that data-bound table. It is also possible to [match controls to a data bound table] on the Data Binding page itself.

Date/Time Picker Properties

If you add a calendar control or a text box with a time type (Date or Time) to your component, the Date/Time Picker properties can be used to configure the calender/time control.

DropDownBox Properties

Properties that define a dropdown box control. This includes the 'Choices' property which defines the dropdown list.

Field Label

Settings for configuring label for a data control.

Field Properties

Properties available in the "Field Properties" section for a UX Control.

Ink Properties

Property settings for the Ink control. The Ink properties property opens the Ink Builder, which lets you define the ink control.

Label Properties

Label Properties are used for providing pre-formatting options and bubble help for labels. To actually adjust the look and feel of Label controls see the Field Label properties.

List Properties

The bulk of list properties are defined in the List properties property.


The Lookups property allows you retrieve one or more field values from another grid. UX Lookup properties include:

Map Control Javascript

The Map Control Javascript property settings contain a number of javascript event hooks relating to the [Map] control.

Map Properties


RadioButton Properties

A list of choices in radio buttons. You can align the buttons vertically, or horizontally.

Repeating Section Properties

If a data control has been placed in a Repeating Section, these settings can be used to specify the column heading for the field and optionally compute summary values for the field.

Signature Capture Properties

Signature Capture controls display a space in a UX where signatures can be captured.

Slider Properties

The Slider Properties section appears when a slider control is highlighted. You can add a slider control by clicking on the Slider option in the Data Controls menu

Spin List Properties

Spin list controls are particularly useful for Mobile applications.

Switch Properties

Switch controls are ideal for toggling between two states, such as 'Yes' or 'No, in which repeated entry into a field might become onerous.

TextArea Properties

Properties that shape a TextArea control. Text area controls display data in a text area. Use this when you have long data to display. The text area can optinally be configured as an HTML editor.

Textbox Properties

A textbox property displays data in a textbox control. This control is typically used for editable data. Textbox controls can be optionally configured as a Lookup, Edit-combo, or Auto-suggest control. See the 'Lookup' property in the property grid.

Tree CSS

Tree controls can be add to a UX component by clicking on the [Tree] option in the Data Controls menu. The Tree CSS section, in the [Tree] control's properties list, allows you adjust the tree's appearance.

Tree Javascript

Set the Javascript to be run when a specified event on a [Tree] control is fired. Tree controls can be added to a component by clicking on the [Tree] option in the 'Data Controls' menu on the UX Controls page.

Tree Properties

These are properties that define, size, and determine user capabilities for tree controls.

ViewBox Properties

The ViewBox Properties settings help size a ViewBox control or specify that the control belongs inside an existing container with a set size. The ViewBox properties property opens the ViewBox Builder which can be used to define the actual ViewBox control.