Component Definition


This section appears when an embedded object is added to the UX component. Embedded object's can be added by clicking on the [Embedded] option in the 'Other Controls' section.

Argument bindings

Settings for assigning values to arguments for an embedded component.

Component alias

If you specify <DefaultAlias> a default alias will be used. If you specify an explicit alias, that value (prefixed with the alias of this component) will be used.

Component name

The name of the component to be embedded.

Component type

The component type. For example 'grid' or 'UX'.

onLoadComplete Javascript

Specify the Javascript to run when this embedded component has finished loading. Note that this code runs in the context of the embedded UX; so, for example, {dialog.object} refers to the embedded UX object, and not this - the parent - UX object

Override settings

This property opens a genie that allows you to override some of the properties in the embedded UX component. It also has options that allow you to set session variables when the component is opened.

Use master style

The style used by the target component must be specified in the 'Additional Grid Styles' property, or else the CSS for the target component will not be loaded.

Working message

Specify the message to display while the server computes the Grid before it is displayed for the first time.