Drag Scrolling of Window Contents


If a pop-up window contains more content than can be displayed in the window, you can turn on drag scrolling of the window so that the window contents can be scrolled on touch enabled devices. You can also define 'pull past end' settings (for example, you can define an event when the user drags up on the window contents past the end of the contents).

'Pull past end' settings and events

Specify if the user can drag the contents of the Window beyond any of its boundaries. If enabled, the content will snap back to its natural position when the user releases, and 'pull' events (which you can define) are fired.

Body can scroll

Specify if the body of the window can be scrolled.

Body scroll axis

Specify if the axis that you want to scroll along. Options include the x axis, y axis, and both.

Body stop drag propogation

Specify if drag events should be propogated to containing elements.

Custom scroll indicator settings

You can customize the position and appearance of the scroll indicator that is shown when the window is scrolled.